21.19 CHF
Safety set comprising of a strong 0.5W LED torch with integrated bottle opener at the back and multifunctional knife with emergency hammer and belt cutter. Both items can be stored in a Swiss Peak pouch and stored in the car in case of any emergencies....

3.66 CHF
ABS silver sprayed body with USB connector to charge the 1 LED torch. Rubberized ends and keychain attached.

10.36 CHF
Compact but powerful 7 led torch with strong aluminium casing. With nylon wrist strap.

12.45 CHF
Powerful 7 led torch with strong aluminium casing.

2.53 CHF
Aluminium body with 9 white LED.

4.75 CHF
Aluminium anodized body, 9 white LED. Packed in tin box.

8.56 CHF
Red ABS case with black rubberized body, black ABS hook, 24 white LED’s.

6.25 CHF
Cyla is a bright cylindrical aluminium torch with 9 white LED’s so you will easily find your way through the dark. Registered design®

7.48 CHF
Aluminum lantern, ideal for on the camping table or in the tent. It can also be used as a torch with different light stands.