16.48 CHF
Chef is the tablet stand for all modern and creative chefs. The sturdy touch pen makes it easy to use your tablet under steamy kitchen circumstances without leaving any traces of food on your tablet. Registered design®

4.18 CHF
Eddy is your flexible phone friend in all circumstances. Registered design®

16.61 CHF
Alp provides 6 different viewing angles for your tablet. This creates an optimized solution whether your typing, watching a movie or making a call. It is made of fine materials, mixing aluminium with fabric in a slim and elegant way. Fits for any tablet up...

0.80 CHF
Compact tablet and phone stand with 2 rubber ends for extra grip.

5.18 CHF
Aluminium mobile phone stand with integrated penholder and touch pen.

20.74 CHF
Airo Tech combines the modern world and the enjoyment of wine in one. It perfectly fits on your table or around your kitchen as one and includes a 2 step wine opener, a wine bottle drip tray and a tablet holder. Registered design®