18.00 CHF
Easy to operate spring pressure system, including refill funnel. Packed in gift box.

34.42 CHF
Tower is a beautifully designed tall bamboo pepper mill with ceramic grinders and is comfortable to handle because of its slim body and firm grip. Registered design®

22.82 CHF
ABS with rubber spray finish, adjustable ceramic mill, with light function. Packed in magnetic gift box.

20.91 CHF
Planet is a stylish pepper and salt set that has an unique spring-action design in each grinder that allows convenient one-hand operation. As the globes are transparent it’s easy to see your sea salt and peppercorn levels. Registered design®

29.15 CHF
Tower is a beautiful designed tall pepper mill with ceramic grinders and is easy to handle because of it’s slim body and it’s rubber finished top. Registered design®