0.76 CHF
1,5m/60inch fibreglass tape with return push button, for fitness and fashion.

8.76 CHF
Digital tire gauge with tyre depth gauge, silver ABS body, black grip with back light, red LED. Range 5-100 PSI, 0,5-7 Bar, 50-700 Kpa.

4.93 CHF
18 pcs tin box, including plasters, antiseptic pads, bandage, tweezers, tape and pair of scissors, conform EN 13485:2003.

8.32 CHF
Round white ABS case with black buttons with unique carbon dioxide offset converter. Functions: counts the carbon footprint reduced by walking instead of using a vehicle, counts 0-99.999 steps.

10.33 CHF
Emergency light, silver ABS case, 1 white LED and 9 red flash lights at side, cutter, window breaker and magnetic base to place on the roof of the car.

13.23 CHF
350ml stainless steel outside and ABS inside mug with handle, 0,2L detachable first aid compartment (including foldable scissors, bandage, antiseptic pads, tape and plasters, conform EN 13485:2003) also to be used as mug. Registered design®

3.61 CHF
Neoprene sport armband that fits all common mobile phones so you can bring those on your run or other activity. The front has a reflective strip around the window for extra visibility in the dark. The velcro can be adjusted to various sizes. Including...

3.91 CHF
ABS case with 3 buttons and clip, solar panel and black panel with LCD screen. Counts steps, calories burned and distance travelled in Miles/Kilometers.

18.78 CHF
600D polyester pouch with dynamo torch, reflective vest, 10” work glove and 1 pc first aid kit pouch with triangle bandage, PBT bandage, alcohol pads, swab, plasters, scissor, pins and tape. Conform EN13485:2003.