4.93 CHF
18 pcs tin box, including plasters, antiseptic pads, bandage, tweezers, tape and pair of scissors, conform EN 13485:2003.

13.23 CHF
350ml stainless steel outside and ABS inside mug with handle, 0,2L detachable first aid compartment (including foldable scissors, bandage, antiseptic pads, tape and plasters, conform EN 13485:2003) also to be used as mug. Registered design®

9.17 CHF
24 pcs zipper pouch, including bandage, medical gloves, pair of scissors and tape in nylon pouch, contents are flat packed so complete set fits mailbox, 200g. Conform EN 13485:2003.

9.58 CHF
Acc. to EN14604 standard, case in white colour. Including set of screws.

1.79 CHF
Small first aid red webbing pouch with white pouch, red Velcro closure on bottom part, 1 cm black webbing at left side with 2,5cm hardened steel keyring, including mouth to mouth mask, conform EN 13485:2003.

9.51 CHF
Hospital tin box with all necessary alcohol pads, plasters, scissors, bandages, etc. for any emergency, conforms with EN 13485:2003. Registered design®

3.12 CHF
Pouch with one front pocket, one black zipped main compartment and belt loop on backside of pouch. Content: triangle bandage, PBT bandage, alcohol pad, plasters, scissors, pin and tape, conform EN 13485:2003.

8.48 CHF
26 pcs, including fire starter. Lightweight 420D jacquard polyester pouch with emergency whistle. Conform EN 13485:2003.

10.71 CHF
17 pcs zipper pouch including: 1pc triangle bandage, 1pc PBT bandage, 4pcs alcohol pad, 1pc swab, 5pcs plasters, 1pc scissor, 2pcs pin, 1 pc tape and 2200 mAh emergency powerbank to charge your mobile phone in case of an empty battery during an emergency...