1.82 CHF
Portable ABS connector that has a USB plug with an output of 5V/800mA to charge your mobile phone, iPhone and iPod. Including flame retardent protection to prevent overcharing of your item.

4.55 CHF
Portable ABS connector that has two USB plugs with one output of 5V/800mA and one output of 5V/1.2A to charge your mobile phone, iPhone,Ipod or tablet.

21.72 CHF
Compact and retractable cable with both MFI (Made for iPhone) licensed lightning plug and micro USB cable. Because of the retractable mechanism the 90 cm long flat cable can easily be taken anywhere without it getting tangled.

5.23 CHF
EU standard home plug with an input of 100-240V and a strong USB output.

12.84 CHF
MFi (made for iphone and iPad) licensed charging and sync cable. Comes with both MFi licensed lightning plug as with micro USB plug to charge or sync other devices. Length: 1 metre

10.54 CHF
MFi (made for iPhone and iPad) licensed adapter. This small adapter can easily be placed on any micro USB charging cable enabling you to also charge your Apple devices that are charged through Apple lightning.

16.66 CHF
1A USB charger with integrated mount and universal phone holder that can easily be adjusted to fit all mobile phones. Safely charge and use your phone to navigate while driving.

6.21 CHF
Portable connector with double USB port and integrated LED light on top. Output: 5V/2.1A

9.01 CHF
Dual USB port car charger that can be used to charge two mobile devices at the same time. This charger also includes a belt cutter and a window breaker in case of an emergency. Output: 5V/2.1A.