19.06 CHF
It is on the one hand a laser for use during presentations- you can use the laser dot to point out what you think is important. And it is a handy 8 GB USB stick on the other. With a sunken clip so that you can always carry it with you everywhere.

35.99 CHF
Beam is a high end radio frequency presenter which let’s you run through your presentation with the page up & down button and gives you the ability to highlight with the laser button. Including black XD Design travel pouch. Registered design®

26.46 CHF
Point|03 is an APP controlled laser pointer & presenter giving you full control over your presentation. The pen’s clip has an integrated USB2.0 flash drive to store and transfer your work. A removable laser pointer, which once connected to your mobile...

6.40 CHF
Point | 02 is a sleek aluminum pen that integrates many of today’s necessities. The clip has an integrated stylus to control your mobile devices and a ball point pen, while on the other side of the pen there’s a laser pointer function. Registered design®

3.70 CHF
Brass pen with stylus function, laser pointer and torch all in one to make presenting easy.

24.43 CHF
Silver brass 4 in 1 pen with presenter, laser pointer, pen with black ink and stylus pen. Including brass metal receiver with keychain. Including 6 cell batteries.