13.37 CHF
Gift set with 2500 mAh power bank and pen including stylus tip and phone stand that can be inserted into the back of the pen. Output 5V/1A and input 5V/1A. Including micro USB cable.

42.38 CHF
Wireless charging dock and powerfull backup battery with 5000mAh internal battery. The integrated lights will indicate your remaining capacity to make sure you’ll never run out of power and the powerful USB output let’s you use your own cable to connect any...

8.13 CHF
Compact 2200mAh lithium battery stored in a lightweight aluminium case. The USB output with 5V/1A allows you to use it on any mobile.

20.80 CHF
Aluminum case with integrated 1400mAh battery to charge your mobile phone and torch with different light functions. The inside battery can be charged in your car and then be taken out to have that extra battery power wherever you need it.

7.38 CHF
Compact and portable ABS powerbank with 2200mAh lithium battery. Output 5V/1A and input 5V/800mA. The clever design enables you to remove the battery when it needs to be replaced and allows you to recycle the battery.

7.89 CHF
Compact powerbank with 2200 mAh lithium battery. Output 5V/1A input 5V/800MA.

9.06 CHF
Trendy 2200 mAh powerbank with cleverly designed cord to attach it to a bag, for example. Output 5V/1A, input 5V/1A.

18.00 CHF
Unique aluminum pen with integrated 650 mAh powerbank, ballpoint and stylus tip. Use the cleverly designed powerbank to recharge your mobile phone.

15.42 CHF
Powerful ABS powerbank with 4000 mAh lithium battery that gives you enough capacity to completely charge a mobile phone twice. Output 5V/1A, input 5V/1A.