5.83 CHF
5x30, including nylon pouch, cord and lens cloth.

42.38 CHF
Spotting wildlife will become much easier with this strong 10x50 binocular with blue lenses. The shoulder strap makes it comfortable to take along and easy to use. Once you get back from your adventure the binocular can be stored in it’s own luxury box.

10.61 CHF
8x21, including nylon pouch, neck cord and lens cloth.

15.87 CHF
Everest is an 8x21 binocular with red coated lenses which lets you see the smallest details. Including a lens cloth. Registered design®

21.14 CHF
8x22, including cord, nylon pouch and lens cloth. Packed in magnetic gift box.

34.42 CHF
10x25, with ruby lenses, including cord, nylon pouch and lens cloth.