1.11 CHF
Hourglass with suction cup on postcard.

8.86 CHF
Tube is a well-engineered and designer stainless steel wine opener that will open at the press of the button. Registered design®

29.66 CHF
Flute is a luxurious champagne carrier that makes sure your bottle of champagne (not included) and the glasses (included) arrive safely at their destination. Registered design®

7.79 CHF
Airo Plate is a stainless steel drip tray making sure your table stays clean while you are enjoying your wine. Registered design®

6.90 CHF
White sprayed pine wooden box with 3 different brain puzzles. Packed in black box with separate blue lid and matching blue felt inside and bottom.

21.14 CHF
Press is your vital companion in the kitchen. The 2 changeable drills make sure you have the right size for each fruit. After squeezing your fruits, the glass carafe and it’s pourer can go straight to the table so you don’t spill any vitamins. Registered...

22.82 CHF
ABS with rubber spray finish, adjustable ceramic mill, with light function. Packed in magnetic gift box.

24.33 CHF
Orbo is a set of 3 bowls making carrying, serving and presenting your snacks a pleasure for any dinner party. Registered design®

42.38 CHF
Gliss takes white wine tasting and drinking to a higher level of enjoyment. With this easy but complete wine carafe you have an all in one unit to cool wine, serve wine and pour wine. Registered design®