23.88 CHF
In/outdoor weather station with LCD screen and special outdoor sensor. Functions: Time and calendar, indoor/outdoor temperature, weather forecast, humidity and alarm.

20.13 CHF
The Point | 01 tech pen is by no means average. This pen has an integrated stylus, ultra-thin 4 GB USB stick and clip to attach to your papers. This is the pen you will never lose or forget at home. Registered design®

6.72 CHF
Trendy 4 port flower USB hub. White ABS base with 4 wires which change to red colour when plugged in and ports in orange, blue, pink and green.

19.06 CHF
It is on the one hand a laser for use during presentations- you can use the laser dot to point out what you think is important. And it is a handy 8 GB USB stick on the other. With a sunken clip so that you can always carry it with you everywhere.

16.43 CHF
High precision wireless mouse with integrated USB receiver and DPI switch from 1000 to 1600 DPI. The flat and ergonomic design makes daily use comfortable for both left and right handed people.

10.55 CHF
Electronic weather forecast station with LCD screen where you can check the temperature (C/F), calendar, clock and alarm with snooze function.

21.08 CHF
Up lets you create and save all your inspirational ideas. The stylus lets you sketch or write with a greater precision than the tip of your finger. Due to the round barrel it's convenient to use from any angle. On paper the parker type refill brings a long...

12.28 CHF
Station connects all your portable devices to your computer with 4 slots for 1)SD,SDHC,Mini SD; 2) MS,MS PRO,MS DUO; 3) M2; 4) TFLASH. On the opposite side with 3 USB ports. The light on the top gives you an indication of your connection. Including black XD...

35.99 CHF
Beam is a high end radio frequency presenter which let’s you run through your presentation with the page up & down button and gives you the ability to highlight with the laser button. Including black XD Design travel pouch. Registered design®