18.39 CHF
Manual design umbrella in 190T pongee polyester with aluminium shaft and top, fibreglass ribs, ABS tips and handle. Packed in XD Design gift box. Registered design®

7.75 CHF
Full fibreglass 190T pongee polyester storm umbrella with manual opening; fibreglass shaft and ribs; plastic tips and top. Windproof system. Straight EVA handle.

5.08 CHF
Automatic umbrella in 210T polyester with metal shaft, metal fluted frame, PP tips, metal top and wooden handle.

18.89 CHF
Ultimate 190T pongee polyester dual layered storm umbrella with auto open. Metal shaft, full fibreglass frame & ribs. Windproof system. Straight ABS rubber finished handle. Including Swiss Peak tube giftbox.

7.69 CHF
Automatic umbrella in 210T polyester with aluminium shaft, metal fluted frame, metal tips, aluminium top and a curved handle.

31.73 CHF
The Hurricane umbrella features a 27” double layered panel that is ideal for rough conditions and is dry again in no time due to the waterproof fabric. The unique opening mechanism provides ease of use when opening and closing. Registered design®